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I'm Nikki Pada from Manila and I have recently put up a photo blog where people from different parts of the world can contribute. I saw your pictures in your blog and I thought you might be interested to participate in this project. You may visit this link to give you an idea:

Basically it will feature the everyday lives of people all over the world which they will exhibit through daily photos (for one week).

Below are the guidelines:

- Contributors will send 7 pictures encapsulating one week in their lives. One photo should be taken per day, from Monday until Sunday. Photos are to be emailed within one week after the last day of shoot.
- Photos should be able to capture ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Vanity pictures should be avoided.
- Contributors are encouraged to submit amusing and touching scenes or something distinctive about their city or locality. Photos that are eye-opening are also welcome.
- Photos can be enhanced, but there should be no pasting of different elements through photo editing software (e.g. pasting a different background).
- Photos need not be super high res, it would just be used for web viewing.
- Each photo should have 2-3 informative sentences or caption to be provided by the contributor. You can be as witty as you want, as long as it won't be offensive to other people.
- The contributor's name (or code name), age (optional), city of residence, occupation, website/contact details are going to be posted together with the pictures so in case anyone is interested in your pictures, they will be able to contact you.

I hope you are interested. Please let me know.


Nikki Sarino-Pada